ProComp Cohort Platform

The Empiric Analytics Suite – ProComp® Cohort Platform

The ProComp® Cohort Platform utilizes Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and AI to generate red apples to red apples comparisons of surgical cases, called cohorts.  This platform includes data visualizations and a library of over 360 cohorts built using Empiric’s proprietary methodology.

ProComp® Cohort Platform

Empiric’s library of proprietary grouping definitions, called cohorts, including over 370 cohorts and 46 cohort families across 12 surgical service lines.


Empiric’s proprietary rules-based cohort engine with over 40,000 algorithms built using structured and unstructured data. Fueled by complex Natural Language Processing to mine detailed operative notes and using Machine Learning and AI to develop new concepts.

Empiric’s visualization module that compares cost, quality and outcomes within cohorts and cohort families using bubble graph visualizations and drill downs into individual cost line item detail.

Empiric’s detailed review of data at an encounter-level within cohorts or cohort families.


Documentation Accuracy Analyses – Empiric conducts a series of analyses comparing supply utilization data with purchasing and EMR data in addition to observations in the Operating Room to identify inaccuracies and focus areas for clinical documentation improvement.


Cohort Validation and Certification – Empiric performs validations of cohorts for each client deployment to ensure that the highest standards of accuracy are maintained.  AI predictive models are combined with statistical sampling to verify that encounters are placed in the correct cohorts and that client nuances are accounted for.

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