Expert Insights in Reducing Unwarranted Clinical Variation in Surgical Services

Empiric’s cohort-based approach to reducing unwarranted clinical and cost variation is making care more efficient, more cost-effective and most importantly, higher quality. Learn how we are doing it here.

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Reducing Patient Costs through Machine Learning and Comparable Supply Categorization

  Written by Megan Bultema, Chief Data Scientist and Jackie Kokx, Data Scientist Until recently, clinical practitioners focused almost exclusively on providing individual patients with safe and accurate treatment. Physicians favoured methods that yielded the best outcome for patients solely on a case-by-case basis.   The needs of the medical sector, however, are changing. An […]

Why Reducing Clinical Variation in Surgery is Crucial to the “New Normal” of Care

When entrepreneurs build companies, they have a simple goal: to progress from an initial concept to a repeatable, profitable business model. For the first few months, the firm builds out its operational model. Then, once it attains the winning formula, it hopefully rinses and repeats. The resulting consistency drives down costs and improves quality, helping […]

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare is Driving Innovation in Data Analytics

Artificial intelligence applied to healthcare wasn’t on the radar ten years ago. Outside of academic circles, relatively few people were even aware of the potential of the technology. It seemed like a distant fantasy. Today, though, that’s all changed. Artificial intelligence is the new trend in innovation, and everyone in the sector is talking about […]

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HAS20 Machine Learning Marketplace

HAS20 Machine Learning Marketplace September 1-3, 2020   The Machine Learning Marketplace (MLM) is a virtual walkabout with the opportunity to engage one-on-one with audience members to share machine learning, NLP, or AI examples that improve analytics efficiency, effectiveness, or outcomes.   Check out Megan Bultema and Justin Schaper present an overview of “Removing Unrelated […]

OR Today Live! 2020

Come visit us at our booth in Denver, Colorado August 16-18, 2020 and learn more about how Empiric Health is reducing unwarranted clinical variation in surgery. Perioperative nurses and SPD professionals from across the country will gather at OR Today Live to discover new opportunities, broaden their knowledge and exchange ideas. Whether you need […]

AMGA 2020 Annual Conference

Empiric Health has the pleasure of continuing our Executive Partnership with AMGA and will participate in the AMGA 2020 Annual Conference virtually beginning March 27, 2020   As the healthcare industry shifts to a value-based care model with a focus on population health and risk management, leading health systems and medical groups are […]

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How a Clinical Data Revolution Saved $90 Million in Under 5 Years

In 2012, as healthcare costs were on the rise, healthcare providers across the country were seeking new ways to reduce costs without diminishing quality of care. A team that would later develop into Empiric Health devised a revolutionary way of grouping and analyzing clinical data that led to game-changing savings. Here’s how they did it. […]