Utilize powerful data insights to achieve the best possible outcome while making healthcare more affordable


Reduce Variation & Waste

Identify variation with negative to no impact on outcomes.


Refine Surgical Method

Standardization to most cost-effective surgical technique through analysis drives adoption of more efficient techniques and procedures.


Improve Operational Efficiency

Reduce length of stay and optimize Doctor Preference Cards resulting in reduced waste, improved productivity, and improved operational performance.

Activate evidence-based care delivery.

Engage physicians.

Reduce unwarranted clinical variation.

Case Study

How a Clinical Data Revolution Saved $90 Million in Under 5 Years

Using Empiric methodology, Intermountain Healthcare saved $90M in costs for surgical patients over four years. Our program continues to deliver results through supply savings, length of stay reduction and other clinical and operational efficiencies – enabling Intermountain to deliver higher quality through evidence-based care. Read the full case study to learn how we did it.

million saved

Unique Cohorting Approach

Empiric's proprietary methodology synthesizes data to produce clinically meaningful comparisons, called cohorts. We mine detailed operative notes using complex Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, and artificial intelligence to produce over 360 active cohorts using over 40,000 algorithms. This approach is the foundation of our Empiric Analytics Suite.


Clinician-approved cohorts are used to identify variation in costs & outcomes

More than 360+ unique cohort definitions, covering all service lines

Compare critical cost, quality and outcomes measures


Clinically-Driven Solution

Our Experts coach, train and implement models to drive physician engagement and enable change. Our Empiricists are experienced Perioperative nurses with over 150 years of combined Operating Room experience who facilitate clinician-to-clinician dialogue to enact meaningful change. We engage and empower physicians with data they understand and trust.



Reducing Unwarranted Clinical Variation in Surgery — The Dr. Capps Story

See how Empiric Health uses powerful evidence-based data and clinician-to-clinician dialogue to improve the value of care through The Story of Dr. Capps.

Some of Our Clients

A few words from four of Empiric Health’s physician partners on the pandemic, healthcare’s capacity for change, and the impact of COVID-19 on pushing value improvement:

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Empiric Health brings new capabilities for supply chain and clinical analysis as a part of Olive. Learn more about how the companies’ combined AI capabilities will reveal life-changing outcomes that act as a catalyst for reshaping the state of healthcare.