Our Culture

Our Culture

Who We Are and What We Stand For

Empiric is driven by a passion to improve healthcare and health. Our team members join the company to make a difference through client partnerships, and more importantly their patients. Our team members rally around our mission. This isn’t just a job for us. Our team is passionate about moving the needle in healthcare and they’ve come to Empiric Health to do just that.

Our secret sauce is our unyielding commitment to our mission combined with our team member community. Whether working on our technology, directly with our clients, or supporting our community, our Empiric Health team members and the culture we create make the difference.
This summary is a statement of who we are and what we stand for, drafted by our current team members for our future team members.

At Empiric, we have a commitment to:
1. Connected Community
2. High Standards for Things That Matter
3. Adaptability
4. Value Based Innovation
5. Transparency

Connected Community.

Our community is highly talented, self-directed, and team-oriented. We value positive relationships – across our team and with our clients. Everyone’s voice can be heard and across all our teams, we are consistently open to new ideas. We foster a culture of ownership where people feel connected to the organization and each other and therefore feel trusted and empowered as an individual to make good decisions on behalf of the company.

We work in a very fast paced environment that can be stressful and most of the time is ambiguous. It is assumed, and even encouraged, that our team members will be passionate about their beliefs, views, and business decisions.

The success of an individual team member is a success for the company, and we want each and every one of our team members to succeed here.

High Standards for Things That Matter.

As a company and community, we hold ourselves to high standards in every aspect of our work. We view every interaction, internally and externally, as an opportunity to exceed expectations. As we work to define and implement innovative, high impact solutions, we recognize we will encounter challenges and we choose to view every challenge as an opportunity to grow. We have high expectations of ourselves and our colleagues, creating an environment where achievers thrive.


As a rapid growth company, we recognize the need for our team members to be flexible and adaptable. While our mission and our accountability to our clients is clear, we are often challenged to solve problems and answer questions that we haven’t seen before.

We are constantly evolving as an organization and expect our team members to be evolving along with us. As a team, we can handle the ambiguity of a start-up environment with curiosity, adaptability, and a passion to learn and grow from our individual and collective experiences.

Value Based Innovation.

As consumers of healthcare services; we believe that it’s incumbent upon us as healthcare providers and supporters to be true stewards of our resources not just for the hospital and provider but also for the patient. We, as patients, pay more for healthcare than ever before and need to trust that our providers are acting as our advocates not only in ensuring quality services and outcomes but care that is affordable. We believe there is a better way.

But it’s not just innovation for innovation sake. Innovation without a strategic foundation only serves to make an already complex environment more challenging. We are strategic in our innovation – driven by our outcome orientation as a community.


As an organization with a mission in healthcare, we engage in deliberate and transparent feedback.  This transparency and feedback is essential for the well-being and success of our clients, their physicians, and the patients they serve.  Both successes and areas for improvement are communicated with integrity to each other. This means we are respectful, vulnerable, and accountable for our actions. We build trust among our team members by providing feedback to each other even when it is uncomfortable to do so.

We do the right thing for our company, our clients, their patients, and each other. As a transparent organization, we own our failures, celebrate our successes, operate from a genuine posture and take responsibility for ourselves and the company as if it were our own.  We combine thoughtfulness with humility in our interactions with each other and our clients.  At Empiric, Humility > Ego.


As we continue to grow, we will continue to create our culture together.

We are proud of our culture – but it is always evolving. Every person who joins Empiric will help to shape who we are and what we stand for. We intend to learn faster, go further, and deliver more for our clients and their patients.  We can do this because we have passionate team members with diverse perspectives constantly trying to find better ways to work together more effectively.

We are on a powerful mission.

We have a connected community.

We have high standards for the things that matter.

We are adaptable.

We prioritize value-based innovation.

We are transparent with each other, our clients, and ourselves.

We are passionate about improving healthcare and health.

Thinking about joining our team? To learn more and read our full Empiric Health Team Culture Statement, go here