Our Services Expertise

Our Services Expertise

To support our clients in the change process, Empiric’s service offerings focus on a clinically-driven model of physician engagement that synthesizes data and delivers insights using evidence-based research and meaningful clinical comparisons. Our approach to clinical analytics within an experience-based consulting model is improving the way hospital systems administer, manage, and deliver care.

Powerful Evidence-based Data + Clinician-to-Clinician Dialogue = Results.

Transforming healthcare with the Right Data and the Right Conversations.

Empiric Health’s Physician Engagement Model

Empiric’s engagements focus on building momentum for change through purposeful physician engagement. Our clinically-driven methodology utilizes experienced Perioperative Nursing professionals, called Nurse Empiricists, to overcome physician resistance and establish a model for successful change management.

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This tech-enabled service changed the way our surgical teams think about and deliver care. By catalyzing a cultural shift from experience-based to evidence-based medicine, we can now deliver cost & quality improvements in a way that both clinicians and health system administrators trust and use.

Dr. Mark Ott, Intermountain Healthcare

Building upon the 5-year program at Intermountain Healthcare, Empiric Health has built service offerings that support the overall success of reducing unwarranted clinical variation, improving outcomes and the affordability of surgery. Empiric believes that these foundational elements are crucial to build physician engagement, align accountable clinical leaders, and improve the accuracy of data and ongoing sustainability of results.

Clinical Governance

Empiric’s service offering in Clinical Governance focuses on defining the process and structure in which clinical initiatives are championed and communicated by accountable clinical leaders including roles and responsibilities and stakeholder engagement, alignment and communication.

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Doctor Procedure Card Optimization

Empiric’s service offering in Doctor Procedure Card Optimization lays the foundation for highly maintained, standardized, and “clean” Doctor Procedure Cards resulting in physician and staff satisfaction, improved data integrity, and reduced costs.

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Data Integrity in Surgery

Empiric’s service offering in Data Integrity focuses on improving nursing documentation in surgery and aligning EMR and Supply Utilization data to improve data accuracy and reliability.

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