Physician Engagement

Physician Engagement

Empiric’s service expertise is based on building momentum for change through purposeful physician engagement. Empiric believes the greatest change in care delivery is driven by clinicians engaging in dialogue with other clinicians with trusted evidence-based data and clinically meaningful comparisons.

Our team of experienced Perioperative Nursing professionals, called Empiricists, and performance improvement consultants drive change by leading foundational performance improvement initiatives, certifying and validating cohort data, researching evidence-based practices, leading discussions with surgeons, and tracking and monitoring sustainability of changes.

Our team of experts can coach, train, or implement on opportunities identified and packaged from the Empiric Analytics Suite to drive changes in the way healthcare is delivered.

Building momentum for change: Purposeful Physician Engagement

Data Integrity

Establishing credibility through foundational data accuracy improvements (Doctor Procedure Cards, Clinical Documentation, Utilization Analysis).


Building the stage for change through cost transparency and provider comparison. Introducing less controversial opportunities.

Change Request

Present business cases for change through cohort-driven provider comparison. Articulate change request.


Utilize clinical governance to gain acceptance through peer pressure, incentives and committee-driven consensus statements.

Monitor Performance

Demonstrate and communicate impact of changes. Monitor performance and track outcomes through consistent metrics.