Change Enablement

The Empiric Analytics Suite – Change Enablement

Empiric’s Change Enablement component monitors and tracks outcomes, operational performance metrics, and results of implementation. In addition, a Doctor Preference Card Manager is available to manage the maintenance and change process for DPCs and a Physician Mobile App for easy accessibility of data.

Change Enablement

Empiric’s Outcomes Dashboard provides a deep and broad view for the monitoring of implemented changes.  Outcomes, quality, and efficiency measures are surfaced for rapid understanding how change unfolds in the client’s setting.

Empiric’s visual dashboard and reporting suite that includes monitoring and identification of variation in Perioperative operational metrics such as OR Turnover time, OR Cut to Close, and OR Utilization.

In development, Empiric’s dashboard and reporting suite that quantifies the value of identified and implemented changes over time. This tracker monitors and tallies the results of implementation.

The Doctor Procedure Card (DPC) tool manages the change request process for DPCs, provides cost transparency and dual-communication with EHR and Supply Chain systems, and provides analytics on work flow and work in progress in managing and maintaining DPCs.

In development, Empiric’s Physician Mobile App brings the data of our Empiric Analytics Suite to the fingertips of every surgeon enabling self-identification of opportunity and review of performance compared to peers.

*Module in Development