Empiric Analytics Suite

The Empiric Analytics Suite

The Empiric Analytics Suite builds upon the foundational cohort methodology born out of Intermountain Healthcare’s 5-year transformational program.

In 2 years, Empiric has evolved the original platform to include over 360 active cohorts using over 40,000 algorithms by mining detailed Operative Notes.

Fueled by Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and rooted in cutting-edge data science, the full suite offers three modules: the ProComp® Cohort Platform, Opportunity Identification, and Change Enablement.

ProComp® Cohort Platform

The ProComp® Cohort Platform utilizes Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and AI to generate red apples to red apples comparisons of surgical cases, called cohorts. This platform includes data visualizations and a library of over 360 cohorts built using Empiric’s proprietary methodology.

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Opportunity Identification

Empiric’s Opportunity Identification component utilizes automation and machine learning to not only identify and size variation opportunities but also to recommend substitutions or clinical practice changes based on clinically meaningful comparisons.

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Change Enablement

Empiric’s Change Enablement component monitors and tracks outcomes, operational performance metrics, and results of implementation. In addition, a Doctor Preference Card Manager is available to manage the maintenance and change process for DPCs and a Physician Mobile App for easy accessibility of data.

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Revolutionary Data Science

Empiric Health utilizes revolutionary data science models fueled by Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Learn more on how Empiric uses data science to transform healthcare delivery in surgery.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing, also referred to as NLP, is a branch of artificial intelligence that bridges the gap between computers and humans by making sense of commonly used language. Empiric’s primary utilization of NLP is in the dissection of a surgeon’s Operative Note.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning reduces the need for human intervention by automating analytics through learned behavior and patterns. Empiric’s use of Machine Learning spans everything from automating typically manual processes to driving outputs and decisions from intelligent analytical models.

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Artificial Intelligence

Empiric’s advanced data science methods utilize Artificial Intelligence, also referred to as AI, in almost every aspect of our technology platform. From data ingest, validation and scrubbing to cohort mapping, automated best practice pattern identification, and predictive models.

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Surgical Episodes of Care

With the evolution of Bundled Payment programs and increased value-based performance payor agreements, utilizing apples to apples comparisons of cases across the full episode of surgical care can drive up to 10X greater value in reducing unwarranted clinical variation. Learn how Empiric is analyzing claims data across the full surgical episode to impact total cost of care.

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