Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the work Empiric does on a daily basis are boundless. Empiric currently uses AI and Machine Learning to great effect both in replicating processes and automating intelligent analytical models. Empiric is constantly developing new techniques in which our platform can accelerate identification of unwarranted clinical variation and allow us to tackle problems in healthcare that were previously unapproachable.

Here are a few additional examples of how Empiric is employing Artificial Intelligence:

  • Data Ingest, Validation and Scrubbing
  • Cohort Mapping including AI-enabled mapping of cohorts, automatic detection of new cohorts, and translation from “black box” to rules-based methodologies
  • Best Practice Identification including automation and optimization of outcomes
  • AI-led physician self-discovery including peer comparisons and demonstration of variation from best practice

Empiric provides a powerful platform whereby unwarranted clinical variation and physician best practice can be identified scientifically and then used to drive change.

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