Empiric Health: Using Analytics to Unlock Improvements in Surgery (BurstIQ)

Empiric Health’s partner, BurstIQ, highlights how using the BurstIQ Platform has enabled us to deploy an innovative AI-driven clinical analytics suite in order to identify unwarranted clinical variation, improve patient outcomes and increase the affordability of surgery.

Empiric’s core methodology refines surgical cases into well-defined buckets, like Granny Smith apples to Granny Smith apples, and highlights the differences, also known as unwarranted clinical variation.

Early on, Empiric realized they would need a platform built to scale based on natural language processing, clinical documentation, predictive analytics, and machine learning, so that the product could be brought up to a commercial-grade level.

To view the full blog by BurstIQ, visit their page at https://www.burstiq.com/empiric-health-using-analytics-to-unlock-improvements-in-surgery/